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5 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Dan Marco 5 days ago
  • Dan: Shout out to Diane for wanting to learn to teach orientation.
5 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Dan Marco 5 days ago
Dan M A. I(f you weren't around for Orientation Part 1) Introduce yourself and give a brief bio of your history at FGC.
B. Distribute Hardware Glossary if available.
C Point out that this is an intro class. There are lots of details that we won't be going into.
D. Even if you already know your way around a computer's hardware, pay attention anyway. 
E. Distribute orientation bins.
F. Safety (use demo computer): 
  •   CRT monitors/tube TVs are giant capacitors. Can kill with ESD. We don't deal with those.
  • Back of PSU: 
  • Fan blowing hot air out
  • Some have on/off switch. 
  • Red switch to set for 115 or 230 volt electricity. 115 is US standard, 230 is Europe. Can double-check to make sure it's set properly; won't work if it's mis-set. Many PSUs are self-switching, no switch to set.
  • Optical drive: CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray. Uses a laser to read and write; that's what's "optical" about it. Many people build without an optical drive nowadays, but any FGC computer should have at least one and have  both CD and DVD.
  • PS/2 Connectors: mouse/keyboard. Old tech, we don't really care. Can test if you really want to, but don't have to.
  • Show Processor Info in BIOS. Discuss what to write down.
  • ** Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU"
19 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Dan Marco 19 days ago
  • Dan thanks Shay and Tem for attending CC on their first days at FreeGeek Chicago.
  • Dan also thanks Tem, Grant, Victor for teaching orientation.
  • Jason: Kevin, for doing board level repair on monitors
20 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Alex Hanson 20 days ago
Time Keeper:
Alex H Vote Counter:
  • Non-CC attendees: These notes are to document what happened at the meeting. Please don't add commentary or other things that didn't happen at the meeting itself. If you wish to respond to something, please start a new hackpad doc or discuss it on FGC's google talk list.
  • FreeGeek's Community Council now uses paper ballets to count votes. Each meeting needs a volunteer to count the votes.
26 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Dan Marco 26 days ago
  • Community Council is every other Sunday at 5:15.
Dan M
  • [Summer, as needed] To discourage flies, sugar and creamer for coffee are being stored in the refrigerator. Please put them back there when you're done using them.
33 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Alex Hanson , Janet Mitts 33 days ago
Dan M Community Council Meeting Agenda and Notes for 07/24/2016
Alex H Meeting: Community Council 
Date: 07/24/2016
Location: FreeGeek Chicago
Facilitator: Janet Mitts
Note Taker: Alex Hanson
Time Keeper: Terri Topc
Attendees: See below.
Number of Eligible Voters:  10
Alex H
  • 2 requirements to be an eligible voter: 
  • 30 volunteer hours in last 3 months. 
  • Attend at least one previous cc meeting in the last two months.
Last Meeting Agenda: 07/10/2016
James S About this Meeting: Our Meeting Guidelines and Code-of-Conduct are available online.
Alex H
  • Attendance:
James S
  • Introductions (Facilitator, Standing Item):
Alex H
  • Announcements:
Dan M
  • All CC attendees: Please review the meeting notes on hackpad later and if necessary edit for accuracy re the discussion that took place.
  • Non-CC attendees: These notes are to document what happened at the meeting. Please don't add commentary or other things that didn't happen at the meeting itself. If you wish to respond to something, please start a new hackpad doc or discuss it on FGC's google talk list.
Alex H
  • Old Items:
Voting Process (Terri):
  • Terri: last meeting, I proposed that FreeGeek should switch to paper-based voting ( check yes, no, abstain, then put the ballots in a box or a hat). 
  • Why?: provide a degree of privacy for everyone voting, esp. when going against the grain.
  • Terri: I can make ballots before each meeting.
  • A couple people will be needed to count these ballets afterwards.
  • Terri: For questions that are not yes or no, we'd make other ballets for the event.
  • Janet: Let's have a vote on this matter
  • 8 in favor out of 10 voters. No objections, 2 abstentions. Passed.
  • FreeGeek voting will be done via paper ballot from now on.
  • Dan: Can we review this discussion in three months from now, to see how well it has gone?
  • This would be sometime at the end of October?
  • New Items:
Center for Changing Lives (Terri):
  • Terri spoke with Alexis, at the Center for Changing Lives in Humboldt Park. Needed volunteers with Cisco training to teach classes at their organization. Come talk to Terri if you have this knowledge and are willing to help.
  • Mention this information during Community Council.
  • Terri will post a notice on the bulletin board.
Museum of Science and Industry (Terri):
  • In April, FGC was notified by employees at MSI who wanted to donate computers to FreeGeek.
  • FGC got 57 deskops last Friday.
  • Randy and Gerard (MSI employees) organized this donation on their days off.
  • Thanks to them.
Laptops (Terri):
  • Since we now have a two-track program for the laptop room:
  • Can the laptop team write out a description of the program so that there is a flyer for prospective laptop volunteers to read, and so that there is a sheet that staff people can read from when talking on the phone?
  • Dan: Concensus in the laptop room can be messy due to laptop rooms having different things to do in the space. Right now, laptop volunteers make a consensus about who comes in, based on recommendations by other volunteers. Regular meetings in the laptop room also would make things easier.
  • Erik: More clarity would be helpful. re: expectations, skills needed.
  • Jason: agreed, esp for other things than laptops.
  • Will: requirements are not hard and fast. Need to be able to work autonomously, troubleshoot. Sometimes, people aren't a good fit.
  • Terri: I'll create a list of questions for the laptop team, and they can review the questions, help us make a document about requirements.
  • Dan + Steve: Laptop team will meet as a group, make a new document together about requirements.
  • Jason: What about requirements for fixing up iMac desktops? Will: Just come in Wednesday, talk to Jarrod.
Cleon / AEIOU: 
  • See previous meeting notes.
  • Requesting laptops from FreeGeek Chicago. CC had some questions about information Cleon posted on another website that confused people.
  • He didn't know that his non-profit could request laptops from FGC by asking the Community Council.
  • He asked volunteers to come to freegeek, volunteer, then give the laptops that they earned to AEIOU. The wording seemed shifty at the time, but it makes more sense now.
  • Cleon gave all of AEIOU's relevant information to Matt.
  • Cleon "I didn't know how to do things properly. I'm sorry. I want to do things the right way, but there was miscommunication on both sides here".
  • Dan: His personal opinion: We normally don't donate laptops to npos, but this is the only thing that AEIOU could use in their programming. Maybe change the verbiage on the website to make this clear (laptops will be donated in only very special cases).
  • Dan, in response to Shay: We'll vote to give or not to give 4 laptops to AEIOU later on.
  • Will: What specs are required? Cleon: Not sure, but I'll have my computer guy send required specs for laptops to you. 
  • Dan: 100$ and less would work fine. At least that's what Leo said when he spoke with Cleon.
  • Will: Have your computer guy come in, review available laptops and discuss specs.
  • Janet: Let's vote. 9  in favor, 1 abstention. Passed. FGC will give AEIOU 4 laptops. Specs will be discussed with the Laptop crew/Will Parnell during the week. Terri will also help facilitate this job.
Laptop Price Cut (Will Parnell):
  • Laptop crew has been talking about cutting prices.
  • Laptops are traditionally more expensive than laptops, but our supply is increasing.
  • Will and the laptop crew will discuss laptop prices, and make a written proposal.
  • Terri: Are people complaining about prices? Generally people tend to window shop or want to negotiate when shopping.
  • Will: I want people to start impulse buying.
  • Grant: Lower end prices should only be cut. Will: need to cut high end pricing too.
  • Yisrael: Let's compare and contrast our pricing with Walmart and pawn shops. Will: remember, stuff from there has extra features we don't have. If we drop prices, we can compete.
  • Steve: $65-75 stuff sells like hotcakes. shoppers at FG are usually on  a budget. If we drop mid-level laptop pricing, some of these laptops may become more attractive.
  • Dan: Lots of people want to haggle on pricing.
QA (Jason):
  • Who's the head of pricing?
  • Will: Pricing was created by CC, after a lot of discussion. Old haggling about pricing was very difficult
  • Where do QA computers go once there are finished?
  • Janet+Will: Near the front, then they go onto the shelf.
  • Will: Some more space was cleared, and machines were put on the shelf today.
  • Alex: Can we have a meeting where people can talk about the QA process? Including Janet, Jason, etc.
  • Dan: QA Pile, QA Table, To-Be-Priced Pile.
  • Will: If someone is QA'ing, but didn't finish it, please don't put it into the finished QA pile. 
New Distro (Grant):
  • Where are we on testing a new linux distro?
41 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Matt "Misery" Washington 41 days ago
Matt W
  • Cleon did send an email in November 2015, but, as far as I can see, that didn't go anywhere. The next contact was in June 2016 in person. As I recall, I gave two options (both of which I figured were valid): Go though an approval process for the donation (which might take quite a while) or have a number of people go through OpenBuild and earn credits for machines (as far as I know, there's never been an issue with that). As far as I recall, we never discussed advertisements, or else I would've wanted to review the contents of said advertisements in order to make sure there wasn't an implied relationship between the organizations. To add, I don't think the ads were made maliciously, just a bit of miscommunication between us -- I likely should've been clearer with what was said.

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