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  • List of Our Current Recyclers
  • Vintage Tech, LLC | Plainfield, IL (eStewards Certified)
  • "Mixed Recycling" (materials that are not separated into metal/ plastic/ etc.)
  • CRT Monitors ($5.00 per item) [Wrapped on Pallet]
  • LCD Monitors [Gaylord on Pallet]
  • Printers [Wrapped on Pallet]
  • Misc. Mixed Recycling [Gaylord on Pallet]
  • Laptop Batteries
  • NiCad (Please Confirm)?
  • NiMH (Please Confirm)?
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SSI (Supply-Chain Services Inc.) 
SSI is our most enduring recycler relationship. An early volunteer (or  was  he staff?), John Billings, worked at SSI and volunteered at FGC. Our  contact at SSI is Jade Lee, who is incredibly knowledgeable, upfront,  and great to deal with. What they accept: Any e-waste (monitors, TVs, computers, parts, other electronics). Do they payout? No. We pay SSI   $.12 per pound for "mixed" e-waste  processing. CRTs and LCDs we pay a   flat $6 fee each. Big LCDs and TVs the fee increases. How they  process:  They break stuff down into finer-level constituent  parts than  we care  to do, and have logistics figured out to sell to/  recycle  with a bunch  of different companies/ recyclers. Their processes  and  recyclers are  actually really well documented on their  website (cheers!)
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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Recycling 
Here is a great article elaborating the two central ways that PCB recyclers process boards:  smelting and chemical leaching. In short, smelting is way better. And if  the slag (depleted/ melted circuit boards with valuable and toxic  metals removed) is reformed into construction material, that's  environmentally ideal.
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