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  • I've been running a monthly Open Repair Day at FreeGeek for close to a year now. There are some good things going on with that program and some bad things going on with that program. Here are some ideas I've got about improving the program. All ideas are welcome.
  • I need more people working with me on open repair day. That way we can have a better quality of service for volunteers and maybe we can have more open repair days in the month.
  • Existing paid staff, education people, and laptop room volunteers already have their plates full. We need to get some new people trained to do this.
  • Offsite Locations: Train young volunteers who are going to vocational school to service our equipment, then steer others who live in their neighborhoods towards them? 
  • Possible change: Don't do monthly repair days. Instead, have a request for service form online and in the space. Then schedule a repair day for a specific group of people as needed. Makes sure that the workload is reasonable, and everyone gets helped. Disorganized people also can't  show up late and make a mess this way.
  • Need to keep a firm policy: No Windows help! Not even on a VM! Every time I've bent the rules to help out with a MS issue, it backfires on me and the person seeking help.
  • Possible Change: More open repair days, but shorter sessions?
  • Possible Change: Separate repair days for people outside the community who bought something and regular volunteers? Outside folks tend to have worse issues or be more confused than people we have gotten to know.
  • We need a better policy on video playback for desktop computers. One possible example might be. "We certify that Youtube plays at x frame rate and dvd movies play back at y frame rate. We make no promises that any other video website or online flash game will have acceptable performance." This avoids annoying service situations where the customer says that some arbitrary video or game website is "slow", and there's no way to fix it. 
  • Need some sort of automated testing/benchmarking tool for online video playback.

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