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Here's a list of the proposed price brackets up for vote approved by Community Council on May 1st
1035 days ago
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  • We need to train some new leaders at FreeGeek. The existing ones are great, but we can always have more capacity. Here's what they need to know:
  • Teardown:
  • Power supply teardown.
  • Proper use of tools.
  • Working with Bob Stein. 
  • When stuff is ready to recycle, and when it isn't.
1151 days ago
1202 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Randall Baxley 1202 days ago
Any hours of unpaid work on FreeGeek web development projects by SC3 count toward the  participation requirements for Community Council.
1290 days ago
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Propose a midweek volunteer day, Wednesday, as optional. Standard Friday  and Sunday content remains and applies to the mid-week <day>.  Volunteers required to have 48 hours.
1416 days ago
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In order to minimize the space occupied by excess parts that are unlikely to go into builds, and to use volunteers as fruitfully as possible, we should keep and test only certain types of parts that could reasonably be needed. A certain number of items below spec should be kept, but we should avoid stockpiling these items.
1461 days ago
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Supreme Chi-Town Coding Crew is a loose team of volunteers that educates Chicagoans in practical, professional software development skills by creating applications to support online story-telling and data-driven journalism.

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