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Audio: Set of jacks to plug in speakers, headphones, microphone, etc.
CMOS (Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) Battery: small battery used to hold settings in BIOS, primarily the date & time.  
BIOS (Basic Input Output System) aka Setup: A chip on the motherboard which displays information about the computer and has some user-editable settings.
  •  IDE (Integrated Device Electronics) aka PATA (Parallel ATA): also known as "ribbon cable." Can plug two devices into one cable. (See Master/Slave.) If only plugging one device into an IDE cable, always use the far end and not the middle.
  • SATA (Serial ATA): Newer style than IDE/PATA. Can only attach one device per cable. Usually faster.
  • ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment): refers to an attachment which was "Advanced" back in the days of the PC-AT computer, but now is standard.
Capacitor (or "Cap"): A component soldered into virtually all motherboards and many other Printed Circuit Boards.  Must look at to see if they're broken.
CPU (Central Processing Unit): The "Brain" of the computer.
Expansion Cards: Used to expand or enhance computer's capabilities.
172 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Dan Marco 172 days ago
This is Dan's SOP. As long as the basics get covered, there is no one way that it must be done. If you can find a better procedure, by all means use it.
541 days ago
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Educators: sign up for a class by adding your name to the schedule below.
Interested in teaching for the first time? Contact Douglas at teach@freegeekchicago.org to get started.
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  • Notes For the Instructor
As much as an hour before the class begins, you can print out 8-10 copies of this page: Command Line: Essentials. Students often feel less anxious when they know they can refer to this later (so they don't have to write everything down).
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982 days ago
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  • Part I - Introduction
I. Prep
  • Check that there are about 15 copies of:
  • Teardown checklist
  • Waiver
  • FreeGeek Landing Page with Earn a Box
  • Set up classroom
  • Turn on projector
  • Test speakers

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