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864 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Richie Wagner 864 days ago
Testing with DBAN:
  • This procedure finds failed drives, but it doesn't always catch failing drives.
  1. Plug a drive into testing station, and run dban.
  1. If drive passes, label and put on the wiped shelf. 
  1. If drive fails, mark failed with a Sharpie and dump on the failed hard drive pile. Bob Stein will drill and shred these drives once there is a large enough pile.
Using a PowerEdge Server to wipe drives:
  • We used a PowerEdge server to wipe drives in the past. It could wipe 12 drives at a time, but it had some annoying issues, so we stopped using it:
  • An LVM volume had to be created before we could wipe disks on the device.
  • This device only wipes SATA drives, and we need something else to handle large numbers of IDE drives.
  • After the drives had been wiped, they had RAID metadata on them, which causes problems with installations.
890 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Alex Hanson 890 days ago
Why We Need a New Procedure for Testing Hard Drives: 
  • Just because a hard drive has passed Dban doesn't mean it won't fail quickly after that. 
  • We don't want customers coming back and having to wait for their machines to be fixed due to hard drive problems.
  • Doing repairs consume paid staff time that is already in short supply. 
  • Selling defective products makes FreeGeek look bad.
  • It inconveniences our customers and volunteers. 
1253 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Taylor Hales 1253 days ago
Parts for which we need to develop testing infrastructure?

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