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Business Accounting at FreeGeek
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  • FreeGeek Processes
Wiktionary has the following definitions of process:
  • 1. A series of events to produce a result, especially as contrasted to product.
  • 6. A path of succession of states through which a system passes.
The following is a list of FreeGeek Processes:
  • Governance
  • Recycling
  • Sales/Marketing/Outreach
  • Education Programming
  • Intake
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FreeGeek Chicago was founded in August 2005 as a collaboration of NPOTechs and Logan Square CTC to recycle computer technology and provide low- and no-cost computing to economically disadvantaged individuals and not-for-profit and social change organizations.
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  • Email Contact
FreeGeek Main
  • contact@freegeekchicago.org
  • donations@freegeekchicago.org
  • freegeek@freegeekchicago.org
  • workshops@freegeekchicago.org
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General Liability Insurance
FreeGeek maintains general liability insurance through:
  • Alper Insurance
  • Chicago, IL 606xx
  • Our Rep is Ashley Gallegos
  • 312-642-1000 x312.867.7310
Alper provides the following insurance:
  • The Hartford Insurance

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