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Ashik A. Khandker

449 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Alex Hanson , Ashik A. Khandker 449 days ago
Meeting: Community Council 
Date: 05/01/2016
  • Programs his organization offers.
  • They need "Tech Mentors" from FreeGeek Chicago.
  • Old Items:
Rewards Policy (Will Parnell):
Alex H
  • Discussion continued from the Retreat.
Proposal: Roll the Rewards Policy back to the 2011 version.
Pricing Policy (Jarrod Simpson, Will Parnell):
  • Discussion continued from the Retreat.
Each system would come with:
  • Apple Desktops.
Recording Meetings (Erick Tippett):
  • Should there be audio recordings of meetings? 
Code of Conduct (Erick Tippett):
  • Some parts of the COC are unclear as far as language:
  • "Staff People" used to mean paid and unpaid staff, not just the paid people as it is now.
  • What is the final step after there is a meeting to resolve a code of conduct issue, and who makes the decision?
  • New Items:
Expanded Laptop Training (Leo):
  • proposal to train additional volunteers for laptop build process.  
  • Arrangement will be like the desktop build process, tools and components will be provided by laptop team members to trainees.  
  • Trainees will not work inside laptop room.  
  • Current laptop crew will provide the training.
  • Held:
  • Next Community Council Meeting Date: 
  • Shout-outs and Damn the Man:
449 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ashik A. Khandker 449 days ago
Ashik K All CC Meetings 
  • Results Compiled from Items Voted on, Items Proposed, Items Tabled for future meetings
Anyone is welcome to propose topics of discussions for the community council, suggestions submitted here will be used for the Community Council meetings. After the meeting takes place the details will be taken down from this page as it will become part of the meeting minutes and this page will only have the archived results of all meetings. 
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05-29-2016 Community Council Meeting  (scheduled)
05-15-2016 Community Council Meeting  (pending)
1.      Russel to educate us on what changes he is proposing (a continuing education for the community members)
2.      Board members was supposed to give us a report on the budget Today. 
3.      Job Descriptions // Human Resource Group 
a.      Under the current structure of our constitution we can easily vote to create a special group
b.      Some research I did is below;
I went to the City of Chicago business office and had a meeting with a representative of The law project 
c.       We do not need an HR department to review employees. (City of Chicago business office)
          i.      Nothing on our bylaws or constitution requires us to do so, and the Community council has full authority to review the job description and job validity of any paid employees as of now. (do not need to see peoples’ personal information such as SS#)
           ii.      We can however choose to review them as community council or elect a few members to do it.
           iii.      If we want, we can even designate one individual (either for all the positions or one for each position) who will do the review and make recommendation to the community council (it’s like having a special liaison)
           iv.      Only way we can be refused if there was a specific prevision saying we cannot in the original employment (hiring) document for the paid employees. 
d.      We are in a state that is an at will Employment state (The law project)
         i.      Our current legal status gives us full power to make decisions about paid employees
        ii.      Because Illinois is an at will employment organization we can hire or fire any one at will 
  •        1.      Which means the employees are subject to review at any given time. under the law we do not need to give them justification or notice to review them. We do however have given notice of termination and cannot discriminate. 
        iii.   We Do not need to have or create a HR department or any group or any one person who has that authority (we can and maybe we should but we are not legally required to. )
4.      Resolving the Website // and social media disconnect // web sales. we need to set some deadlines / timeline 
  • Douglas: Jarrod and I have been working on a simplified website for Free Geek. We'll post our work to the community and see what you think soon.
5.      Rewards policy vote and change 
6.      Begin search of a Board members
  • "Matt:  We need a secretary on the board to replace Susan
  • Ethan: Can we announce in CC that we need a new board member, and we need proposals. Susan isn't gone anytime soon, but we need to start the process.
  • Russell: Need to submit proposals for candidates for secretary in the next CC meeting."
7.      Community outreach 
a.      We have any literature // pamphlets to handout 
8.      Discussing the current bylaws vs constitution and what things we need to change 
9.      Set date for constitutional convention 
  • a.      As of now We do not have a filing with the state so there is not up-to-date information for us with the state. 
10.       Russell: Need a separate file on vote results for each meeting for easy access/resolution of questions.
  • Susan: Documentation question: Do both notes and policies live on hack-pad? Will: Mostly the notes. Need a different place for settled business.
Alex H 11.      Put syllabus of the basic orientation on line so that new volunteers can be ready to learn? 
Ashik K 12.      The Programming & robotics Class project
  •    a.  Is there any interest in a class?
  •    b.  Is there any money to buy some maker kits?
  •    c.  We will need money to buy supply
  •    d.  We will need time allocated for the class
  •    e.  How about evening times?
  • Items Voted on : 
  • Pricing Policy; Passed 
  • Items Proposed to be Voted on Next CC Meeting : 
  • laptop traning
  • Ken is nominated as the new board member for the se
  • Items Tabled for Future discussions
  • Volunteer Rewards Policy 
  • Items Voted on : Nun
  • Items Proposed to be Voted on Next CC Meeting : 
  • Pricing Policy
  • Items Tabled for Future discussions
  • Announcements for more teachers  
477 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ashik A. Khandker 477 days ago
  • Current Employees and the Many hats they ware (6 Total)
  • Do we have a budget to get a small van? 
  • Prospective teachers must have completed at least 24 hours of volunteering before they can begin teaching, however, a prospective teacher can begin to prepare for teaching a class before fulfilling the 24 hour volunteer requirement.
459 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ashik A. Khandker 459 days ago
Facilitator: Janet Mitts & Russell von Shelby

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