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Rainbow Dash

407 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Janet Mitts , Alex Hanson , Ken G. , Rainbow Dash 407 days ago
Facilitator: Janet Mitts
Note Taker: Alex Hanson
Time Keeper: Ken Greene.
Attendees: See below.
Number of Eligible Voters: 7 
  • Attendance:
  • Introductions (Facilitator, Standing Item):
  • Announcements:
Janet's 10 Year Anniversary at FreeGeek Chicago:
  • The party for Janet's 10yr anniversary will not be next weekend, but the weekend after that.
  • This avoids a conflict with Father's Day.
Board of Directors (Ken):
  • Ken will be stepping in as Secretary on the Board of Directors.
  • Leo: Major responsibilities?: 
  • Ken: Doing meeting minutes, Filing paperwork. Will follow up with Susan if anything else is needed. 
  • Susan Golland will be stepping down as of July 1st.
  • Old Items:
Plotter/Printer for Chicago Tech Academy:
Alex H
  • We discussed this issue last meeting, so we can vote on it this meeting.
  • Chicago Tech Academy could use our old plotter.
  • Dan: Did they say anything between then and now?  
  • Bob S.: Nothing as of yet.
  • Dan: Ask them for a proposal first?
  • Ken: Let Matt make the choice, while asking for a 
  • Dashie: Donate it to them, if we don't use it, why keep it. 
  • Alex: Let's give it to them, we don't need it.
  • Janet: No proposal, so why should we give it to them?
  • Dan: extend conversation.
Rainbow D
  • Dashie: Go with proposal.
Alex H
  • Ken: I'll contact Matt, then contact Chicago Tech Academy, get a written proposal from them, and we'll discuss it once they put out a proposal.
  • Community: Voted in favor, Ken will follow up with them.
  • New Items:
African Empowerment & Intelligence Organization for Unity, Inc.
  • Cleon Jones, President. 
  • Went to Malcom X for his Associates degree, then got a BA in Child Development at NIU.
  • Teacher for 17 years (Emerson).
  • The program has been running since 2009. 501c3 in 2014.
  • Childhood literacy programming in daycare centers and school age programs.
  • Staff members at daycare centers don't have much technology training.
  • 30 day program. 44 day care centers a year. 20 minutes of computer training, 20 minutes of literacy training.
  • Pull-out program: students go through the program in small groups throughout the school day.
  • These programs take place in low-income areas, where students have minimal exposure to technology.
  • Will place FreeGeek's logo on their website.
  • They teach children how to use educational websites.
  • They want a grant of 3-4 laptops (or tablets). He already has 9 laptop computers. That way he can teach a larger group of children (15 kids?).
  • Ken: What OS do you use? Cleon: Microsoft. He gets the OS from TechSoup. Some friends in the Chatham Business Association (?) help him out with the technical issues.
  • Dan: Are there any specific specs for laptops that you need to have?
  • Must have Wifi.
  • 2-3 GB memory minimum.
  • Dan: We'll vote on your proposal in a minimum of two weeks. Can't vote on a proposal the same day.
  • Janet: Write a message to us on your company's letterhead, as soon as you can. Leave with staff, and we'll get back with you.
  • Dan: Propose: we give AEIOU the 4 laptops they want. Seconded (Dashie,Ken).
  • Janet: Proposal can  be voted on in the next community council meeting.
  • Leo: I talked with Cleon, he said that he could use some of FreeGeek's cheaper laptops (less than $100). 
Music (Dashie):
  • Play some different music, the oldies music is getting stale.
  • Erick: Winston Marsalis! Modern Jazz.
  • Erick: Earth, Wind and Fire! Teddy Pendergrass!
  • Dashie: Top 40! 80's Hits! The Police. etc.
  • Ken: So, can we have a variety of Music? 
  • Ken: We heard some 80's hair metal earlier today! Alex: Probably a mistake.
  • Janet: Oldies tend to be the favorite here at FG. Has a positive message for people today.
  • Dan: Let's try a different oldies channel here. British Invasion, Rockabilly, etc.
  • Erick: Who's officially in charge of the music? 
  • Janet: Me!! It's not in the bylaws, but it was traditional. Janet's music box became our official music system.
  • Held:
Bylaws (Dan):
  • Are you still working on your proposal for the new Bylaws?
  • During the retreat, you said that there would be something posted upon the Hackpad by the first week of May.
  • We also need copies of the existing bylaws so we can compare with the new ones.
  • Next Community Council Meeting Date: 
  • 06/26/16
  • Shout-outs and Damn the Man:
Janet M
  • Janet gives shout-out to all volunteers & staff. We let all know; if you need Computers don't call "Ghost Busters or Tyrone"! Submit your request to Freegeek, you can't go wrong! 
Rainbow D
Alex H
  • He's going to take a roadtrip to Milwaukee WI on a Divvy bike. Thanks to them for making it possible.
  • Please swap out the computer pallet in the middle of build. It's falling to pieces.
  • Dan: There's a bill before the NY Assembly called the Fair Repair Law. Provides access to product data sheets from major manufacturers to mom-n-pop repair shops. June 30th is their end of session. If you are friends with NY residents, have them call their politicians and have them call the vote before the 30th.

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