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Matt "Misery" Washington

514 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Matt "Misery" Washington 514 days ago
Matt W
  • Cleon did send an email in November 2015, but, as far as I can see, that didn't go anywhere. The next contact was in June 2016 in person. As I recall, I gave two options (both of which I figured were valid): Go though an approval process for the donation (which might take quite a while) or have a number of people go through OpenBuild and earn credits for machines (as far as I know, there's never been an issue with that). As far as I recall, we never discussed advertisements, or else I would've wanted to review the contents of said advertisements in order to make sure there wasn't an implied relationship between the organizations. To add, I don't think the ads were made maliciously, just a bit of miscommunication between us -- I likely should've been clearer with what was said.
739 days ago
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FreeGeek Chicago's volunteer Build Program sorts through donated equipment and refurbishes computer systems, parts, and accessories that can continue to serve your computing needs. Items that are not donated to organizations or to volunteers through our rewards program are resold in our on-site ReSale Shop or our online eBay Shop .
Basic PC systems start at $40. Basic laptops start at $75 (inventory is very limited, please contact us in advance to check on inventory). FreeGeek Chicago is a GNU/Linux shop, and we install GNU/Linux operating systems on every computer sold.
  • Minimum Desktop Hardware Package
  • 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium Dual-Core or better processor (or AMD equivalent)
  • $15.00 off any LCD Monitor.
  • Minimum Laptop Hardware Package
  • 1.60 GHz Intel Atom or better processor (or AMD equivalent)
  • 1.0 GB Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • 60.0 GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or better
  • CD-R / DVD-ROM Optical Disk Drive
Matt W FreeGeek Chicago is a GNU/Linux shop, and we install GNU/Linux operating systems on every computer sold.
All FreeGeek Chicago systems are pre-installed with either Xubuntu 14.04 or Kubuntu 14.04, with both being fast, simple, and beautiful desktop operating systems. They are both "Long Term Service" releases and will provide security updates until April 2019.
In addition, we load up all our systems with a TON of awesome apps, including:
  • LibreOffice, an office productivity suite
FreeGeek Chicago believes that you will absolutely LOVE the refurbished equipment available at our Thrift Store and our Online Store. However, to give you even more confidence in your purchase with us, we have a clear Return Policy and Warranty for certain items. As always, we are happy to answer any questions you have about returns and warranty information.
683 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Matt "Misery" Washington 683 days ago
The rewards policy (github link) seems to have been changed on the FreeGeek Chicago website, without input from CC. 
Matt W
  • Incorrect. Only the formatting has changed. The wording on Github has never been on that page of the website directly. There was a link there, but it linked to the old wiki. Adding Github link.
777 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Matt "Misery" Washington 777 days ago
Matt W
  • It largely depends on how much money we take in toward the end of the year. Most likely, unfortunately, paying staff over the break would be quite a hit.
802 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Matt "Misery" Washington 802 days ago
  • Dan: Can Matt Washington give us some hard numbers about the sale, and what we made.
Matt W
  • For the "Back to School Sale" from late August to early September, sales were at $3,339.70, gross (original price: 5,515). There were two online sales that totaled $67.26. If we add that group of sales in, then the total is $3,406.96. There was also a $300 donation through PayPal. 
836 days ago
Alex H Community Council Meeting Agenda and Notes for 08/30/15:
James S Meeting: Community Council
Alex H Date: 08/30/15
James S Location: FreeGeek Chicago!
Facilitator:  Janet Mitts
Alex H Note Taker:  Alex Hanson
James S Timekeeper: Scott H.
Alex H
  • please list names of everyone present, and how many eligible voters are present.
Attendees: Alex Hanson, Janet Mitts, Scott Kaplan, Mario Thomas, Deborah Hines, Erick Tippett, Scott H.
Dan M
  • Are there any non-voting attendees?
Alex H
  • I'll  bold those names in the future.
Number of Eligible Voters: 5 
James S Last Meeting Agenda: 08/02/15
About this Meeting: Our Meeting Guidelines and Code-of-Conduct are available online.
  • Introductions (Facilitator, Standing Item):
Alex H
  • Announcements
Global Access(Erick):
This is a program for seniors that provides cell phones for low prices, and also reductions in utility bills. Talk to Erick Tipptett if you have questions.
  • Old Items:
FreeGeek's 10 Year Anniversary:
  • David Eads still isn't sure if FreeGeek's first day open was in October or November. 
  • It's been 10 years, and we need to pick a date to celebrate. What day should we pick?
  • Scott: Events in October?: Nothing on the list? November?: Janet's birthday is on November 11th.
  • Janet: A friday or a sunday is best. 
  • Erick: Let's just pick a day, then celebrate on the closest build day to it
  • Deborah: What do people do on our anniversary? Janet, Alex: Eat food and cake.
  • Alex Hanson: How about the saturday following the 15th of october?
  • Janet: Sure, let's put that as a proposal.
  • Scott: How about pictures from the early days of freegeek? Janet: not sure? Maybe we can ask David Eads.
Matt W Financials and Others (Matt):
Matt W
  • Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but I just wanted to drop this in.
Alex H
  • That's no problem, thank you. :)
Matt W
  • Rent goes up to $929.08 in September. Already sent the check.
  • Got donations or pledges of donations from several organizations, including Salesforce, Google (pledge -- hasn't come in yet), Jellyvision, and Namaste Charter School. We also got a nice donation of books from Naomi Ceder around the 1st. Also (probably, in that it's listed as a donation) a PayPal donation of $300 (well, $293.10 net) on the 26th.
  • Made $1,737.83 this month so far (PayPal). $1,209.90 in cash (rough number, not including donations) as of the 26th. Rough total: $2,947.73. $2,112.34 in PayPal as of the 29th.
Alex H
  • New Items: 
Gift Certificates:
  • Should FreeGeek give $50 coupons (for any items in our store) to all speakers on Software Freedom Day (Sept. 19th)? Discuss, then we'll vote on it next meeting.
  • Why?: get people into the store and maybe spend more.
  • Deborah: Sure, sounds good. Good reward for effort.
  • Scott H: sure, seems decent.
  • General consensus: Good idea, will vote next time.
New Location(Deborah):
  • Is Freegeek still looking for a new, above-ground-location?
Matt W
  • Alex: I don't think our finances are great.  Matt: You're right on that one. Alex: So about how far off are we? Several years? Matt: More than likely -- I don't really see it in the near future.
Alex H
  • Janet: We have a lot of new staff, and the organization is in a state of flux. Once new staff get their sea legs, we can talk about it more.
  • Janet: FGC finances tend to be cyclical. Lots of money when we do recycling, but then we get dinged for utilities and staff wages.
  • Deborah: How do we get more money to get a better facilities? Janet: It all boils down to how our sales are doing. In fall and winter we do better, in spring and summer not so much.
  • Erick: What about FG Portland? Do they have advice or help? Alex: We hear from them periodically, but we have not for a while. Janet: Terri has had the most interaction with them.
  • Alex: FG Portland has a connection with the state of Oregon that provides computers to build, also a contact with several local companies that provide stuff. We don't have that sort of clout at the moment.
  • Bob Stein: We get periodic visits from other FreeGeek people from other states.
  • Should we hire someone to clean the washrooms? Put a notice up, and we'd get a lot of bids for the job. Again, finances are an issue, but cleanliness is important.
  • Alex: Deb, could you get some figures from local organizations? Deborah: I'm not local, someone else should do research.
  • Alex: Call to someone in the community: See what janitor / maid service would cost, then report back to CC. 
  • Dan Marco's manual for building a computer is very helpful. We need more manuals for all areas in FreeGeek. Safety and the volunteer experience can be improved with something to read.
  • Alex Hanson: Most documentation is on the hackpad. Get an account on the hackpad and  jump in. Deborah: I like print documents. Alex: Well, we can print these documents printed once they are in good order.
  • Scott H: Build Sheets could also be improved. Explanation of apt-get commands would be helpful
  • Scott H: Install Script could be improved. 
Dan M
  • Dan M: Actually, it has [been updated since 2013]. The current install script just downloads another, more frequently updated shell script of stuff to add/subtract/etc. , via our GitHub.  
Alex H
  • Everyone please do pull requests about issues. I've done a couple myself and can demonstrate how.
Dan M Sale (Dan):
Education and Marketing Coordinators (Dan)
  • We hired them  several months ago on a 3 month trial basis. 
  • We need to officially decide whether to keep them on.
Alex H
  • Alex: Hey staff people, do you know when we have personnel reviews coming?  Matt: As far as I know, there isn't a particular schedule set for it.
  • Alex: Can you post some details as you find out about this? I'll ask James Slater via email.
  • Next Community Council Meeting Date:
  • 09/13/15
  • Shout-Outs and Damn The Man:
Janet M
  • Janet gives shout-out to all volunteers & staff. We never concern ourselves about other Workshops here, there all around. Freegeek's got 'em beat, hands down! 
Alex H
  • Shout-out to Alex to cleaning the bathroom.
  • Bob Stein for all hard work and printing the agenda.
Dan M
  • Dan: Shout out to Alex for taking notes and dealing with online kibitzers again.
Alex H
  • Alex: :)
  • Mario: Here's to a successful Software Freedom Day.
965 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Matt "Misery" Washington 965 days ago
    * Big Red **DONATE** Button on main navbar. Link to embedded PAYPAL donation page.
Matt W
  •     Should it necessarily be red? May need to do some experimenting with that.
        * List of news articles
  • May want to split out media and legal into separate categories and have the rest of the "about" somewhere on the home page.
  •  May want to have the package and pricing information on an overarching "store" page, and possibly duplicate the information on subsequent pages -- really drive it home.
        * Github/sc3
  •  Eh, may or may not want to have an SC3 link until the group becomes more active.

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