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Community Council Meeting Agenda and Notes for 02/07/2016
Meeting: Community Council 
Date: 02/07/2016
Location: FreeGeek Chicago
Facilitator: Janet Mitts
Note Taker: Alex Hanson
Time Keeper: Ken Greene
Attendees: See below.
Number of Eligible Voters: 10
Last Meeting Agenda: 01/24/16
About this Meeting: Our Meeting Guidelines and Code-of-Conduct are available online.
  • Attendance:
  • Introductions (Facilitator, Standing Item):
Donating Computers to the Chicago Public Schools (Randy Horton):
Randy Horton said that he would be able to arrange donations of money from local businesses to FreeGeek, and the money would be used by local public schools to buy computer equipment.
  • (More details in the previous community council meeting notes)
  • Randy called in on his cellphone and answered questions over the speaker phone.
  • A pilot project. If this first deal works out, we end up with more cash, less stock,  and possibly more donations in the future.
  • Principal of the school would come in and buy all $2,000 of this donation at once.
  • Helps a very poor and disadvantaged community.
  • John Coleman: Can we have a vote? 
  • 10 / 10 in favor, approved.
  • Randy will let us know how things progress.
Repair Policy (Janet/Dan/Alex):
  • We've been discussing FreeGeek Chicago's Repair Policy. 
  • Please go to the hackpad and comment / make suggestions.
Proposal: Increase Employee Spending Limits (Alex H./Terry T.):
  • (Alex) Proposed change in policy: 
  • Staff can spend up to $400 per recycling run ($100 was the previous limit) and hardware pick-up without having to get approval from the Community Council. 
  • Staff can spend $200 (from a previous $100 limit) on regular expenses without having to get approval from the Community Council. 
  • Staff must report back to CC and the community (via email or the hackpad) on a regular basis about their general spending activities, as mandated by our constitution.
  • This proposal is eligible for a vote.
  • Vote: 10 / 10. Passed.
Proposal: Pick-up Fee (Alex/Terri):
  • Proposed change in policy: 
  • FreeGeek should charge a pick-up fee of $150 to defray vehicle rental costs.
  • Staff can reduce or waive this fee at their discretion.
  • This proposal is eligible for a vote.
  • Vote: 10/10. Passed.
Paid Staff Approval (Dan Marco):
  • Proposals
Dan M
  • That "Permanent" paid staff (Bob S, Terri, Jarrod) be approved, pending a vote today.
  • That "Temporary/Probationary" staff (Matt, Evelyn, Douglas) be conditionally approved pending employment/position reviews to be made at all reasonable speed, pending a vote today.
Alex H
  • Proposal #1:
  • Retain Bob S., Terri and Jarrod: 
  • Vote: 10/10, passed.
  • Proposal #2:
  • Retain Matt, Evelyn and Douglas temporarily, pending a review of these positions: 
Alex H
  • Matt's been on for a year, I think.
  • Evelyn and Douglas have been on a little over 6 months(???)
  • To be done if this is approved:
  • Set a date for an employee/position review for all temp employees. 
  • Board and permanent staff (plus two people from CC) will handle this review.
  • CC will contribute two people to this review. 
  • Anybody who can vote on CC can nominate themselves to be part of the review, and will be voted on by CC.
  • Tabled to next meeting, with the provision that we should discuss this on the hackpad.
  • Reword proposal #2, separate it to multiple parts, then take another crack at it.
Rewards Policy (Dan Marco):
  • There was some inconsistency between the rewards policy as explained on FreeGeek's github, and the repair policy as explained on FreeGeek's website. See notes for the previous meeting for more details. 
  • Possibly an error in transcription? James posted it on the github three years ago. Not sure when and where it changed.
  • Alex: Dan, can you do a pull request to reflect this problem?
  • Will: Can we ask David Eads and Aaron Howze to relate what they remember about this discussion, and what we decided in that circumstance.
Increasing Volunteer Engagement / Volunteer Survey (John Coleman):
Is there a way to track volunteers, and see how satisfied they were with our program? A possible solution would be: 
  • Survey after completing Orientation.
  • Survey after getting their $75 volunteer rewards.
  • Problem of orientation being shortened: Does it cut regular volunteers short? 
  • What's the priority? Extra tech classes or orientation
John C: 
  • I make sure that volunteers who come out of orientation are joined into an existing group in build.
  • I also make sure that every minute of the class is useful, and that they are engaged as much as possible.
  • Shorter orientation is another issue than volunteer engagement.
  • Create a paper survey at the end of orientation / receipt of rewards.
  • What activities would you like to see at FreeGeek?
  • What don't you like about FG? Do you want more, or are you satisfied?
  • I'd like to work on laptops, that'd get me more interested in the program. Alex: Do QA first.
  • Surveys don't always show the truth of what people are going to do..
  • website needs improvement.
  • Dan: That's in the works.
  • We need a suggestion box.
Tenative Date For Spring Retreat(Janet Mitts):
Janet Mitts: last of march?
Dan: We do need a retreat. Mid or late april: time for prep,

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